Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor and Customer Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How Do I Submit A Review?
A. Go to the Review a Company page and find the company you did business with and follow the instructions to review that company.
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Find a Company and click on the name of the company that you have shipped your vehicle with. This will take you to the company's page. On that page just under the company name you will find a link that reads "Write Review". Click that link and you will be taken to the survey form to review that company.

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Q. How do I find information on a specific mover company?
A. Please visit the Find a Company page and search for the company you are looking for. If you do not see them there then customers have not yet submitted reviews or information for that company. For information on companies not listed on our site you should ask the company to help you navigate to their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) at www.safersys.org.

If you used or are using a company not listed in our database please add the company and submit a review when your transport is completed.

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Q. How do I remove my review?
A. Simple, just reply to the Confirmation E-mail we sent you, requesting that we remove the review.

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Q. Can I submit more than one review if I have used a company multiple times?
A. No. Your review should be comprehensive of all your experience with that company. When you submit a review you are submitting a review of that company, not a review of a specific transport. So you should rate and review based on all your past experiences.

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Q. I noticed a review has been removed, why?
A. Which Mover has site administrators that remove reviews when they violate the Terms Of Use.


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Q. How do I add a company?
A. First, please verify the company you are trying to review is not listed. If the company is not listed you can add a company by clicking the grey "Add a Company" Link on the top of the Review a Company page. This will bring you to a page where you can submit the company's information.

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Q. Is being paid by a company to post a review allowed?
A. If you are or were a customer you may be compensated to leave a review.


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Q. Can I Trust The Reviews?
A. We would like to believe the majority of information on this site is accurate. There are, however, reasons to be cautious when using this site to help make a decision on which mover company to use.



The reviews posted on this site are posted by persons that claim to be customers of the moving company that they are reviewing. Their opinions are theirs and theirs alone and do not represent the views and opinions of whichmover.com. Visitors should not solely base their choice on these reviews. Companies and visitors are responsible for policing the reviews and alerting us to potential false reviews or reviews not posted by a real customer. To report misuse of this site please contact us.